Secret Item Games

Secret Item Games is a console porting service provider.

We have the philosophy that games should not be restricted to a single platform. Which is why when we work on games we design them to work on all kinds of platforms. It should not matter which gaming platform your customer has. Your game should be on it! And if it isn’t let us help you with that.

We port your game to consoles. It does not matter which platform you want to target. PS4/PS5? Xbox One/Xbox Series X? Switch? We can bring your game to all of them!

Key Facts
Contact:Oswald Weber
My LinkedIn
What we can help you with:– Porting to Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
– Co-development
– 2D Character Art
– 3D Character Art
Rate:Depends on the project scope. We prefer to work with a fixed budget and not via hour/day/month.
Please reach out to us for more details.
Portfolio:Our Portfolio
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