GameBoot GmbH

Ahoy there! Welcome to GameBoot, the swashbuckling game studio that’s here to make waves in the gaming world!

We’re a crew of passionate game developers and designers, sailing from Heidelberg, Germany.

At GameBoot, we’re all about hoisting the anchor and setting sail on exciting game adventures. From developing captivating game concepts that’ll shiver your timbers to crafting immersive gameplay that’ll have you hooked, we’ve got the wind in our sails when it comes to creating unforgettable gaming experiences.

Whether you’re in need of a treasure trove of mobile games, web-based escapades, or even a grand standalone gaming voyage for your event, our crew of talented developers will navigate through the vast seas of technology to bring your vision to life.

Avast, matey! Open communication is our guiding star. We’ll keep you in the loop throughout the journey, sharing the ups and downs, and making sure you’re always in command of your gaming destiny. With our flexible team of buccaneers and a treasure chest full of gaming expertise, we’ll turn your ideas into gaming gold.

So, if you’re ready to embark on an epic gaming adventure, weigh anchor and drop us a line. Let’s set sail together and chart a course to gaming greatness!

Key Facts

Phone:+49 170 1036170
Contact:Laura Kaltenmaier
My LinkedIn
What we can help you with:– Inhouse game production for console, computer and mobile

– Gamification for e-Learning and user engagement

– Interactive filters, minigames, and fun experiences for social media platforms

– Branded games for campaigns and product launches targeting a young audience

– Consulting and development team for gamification and game concept creation

– AR Info Tours to enhance city tours, exhibitions, and trade shows with digital content

– Integration of gamified solutions into existing systems

– Support and development services for projects in Unreal Engine and Unity
Rate:Individual offer depending on the project
Starting fee, depending on project size additional payment goals
Website: (under construction)
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