PlaytestCloud GmbH

PlaytestCloud is a platform that lets gamers worldwide try out games and help game studios improve them by providing feedback.

About Company

Since 2014 PlaytestCloud has helped studios reduce churn and drop-out rates while improving user-experience and player enjoyment. In short: we help game studios create better games! Our product has been used by more than 45 of the top 100 grossing games currently in the Apple App Store. Of the game studios that make these 100 games, 60% are PlaytestCloud customers - which makes us an undeniable leader in mobile games user research. In a nutshell, PlaytestCloud provides an easy to use platform to conduct various playtests for mobile games at any stage of game development – from prototyping, to release, and beyond. We connect game studios with a diverse set of international, real players, allowing studios to record authentic, diverse and ‘everyday’ people playing mobile games. PlaytestCloud defines ‘playtesting-as-a-service’: We provide customers with recordings and insights of players trying out their games, have the best games user researchers available for any support needed, and even allow studios to talk and gather feedback from players directly. We represent the leading remote-based playtesting solution built specifically for mobile games in the market. Every feature, report, widget, button was built and deployed with our client-centric mindset. In addition we represent the smart, hard working, passionate and dedicated PlaytestCloud team, that we cheer for and treat ‘people first’.

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