Mimimi Games GmbH

Making games and crying about it since 2008.

About Company

Mimimi is an independent game studio based in Munich, Germany. We’ve started working together in 2008. Three pillars build the foundation of our studio:

– We want all Mimimis to be really happy.

– We pour all of our heart and soul into what we do.

– We value art, entertainment and quality.

If you need all the data, check out our history.


The Mimimis are a friendly team, always looking for new talents. If we hire you, you will most likely work from our office in Munich, speaking German. If you join us, you should know that:

– We worship great games – and know how they should feel like.

– We love working together – and enjoy spending time with the team.

– We discourage crunch – and convert overtime to free time.

– We always strive for quality – and want to be proud of our creations.

– We play on consoles and PC – and focus on these platforms.

Also, we are offering a lot of benefits, which you should know about when applying.

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