Games Talent

About Company

We are Your dream team assemblers. Your partners in world-building. Your roadblock removers. We are Games Talent - A staffing and recruiting agency for the video game industry // fueling revolutions in gaming since 2009.

Over a decade of gaming revolutions

Behind every revolutionary game was the team that built it. Over 12 years in the gaming industry, we’ve helped studios of all sizes hire high-quality talent, scale their teams, and quickly fill roles in an ever-evolving landscape. Or, evolve it themselves.

Gaming is global.
Our perspective is too.

Based out of Europe, we live and breathe the very same culture as some of the most legendary gaming studios in the world. Wherever your studio is located, we bring a diverse and global perspective to your hiring process. And if that’s within Europe, a first-hand understanding of your needs and nuances, too.

There’s filling roles,
then there’s building teams.

Finding the right talent is your priority, and ours. We know how to find candidates who aren’t just great on paper, but the right cultural fit for your team thanks to our experiences in both industry and market. Especially as we get to know your culture over time.

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