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About Company

Since 2008, our ChiefRocker Martin Knauf wants to change the way people think about video games and their development fundamentally. His vision: video games that upgrade your everyday life skillset, while maintaining the pure joy of playing. 3 years ago we decided together that this vision become the cornerstone of any development.

 Rock this way!
…creating Games with added Value

For us, games are a central element of modern pop culture and not just a banal form of entertainment. They embody, like no other medium, the further development of our culture, communication, interaction and networking in our modern society. Games are therefore much more than just a pastime for us.

No … we do not make educational games

Among other things, playing games can reinforce skills that can be useful to the player in everyday life, such as clear thinking, appropriate communication and successful action. Of course, other computer games also try to create added value for the player. Unfortunately, in our eyes, sometimes the most important thing is lost here – the fun of the game!

The playful handling of various challenges and the subsequent sense of achievement can also subtly and playfully train the player to deal with the various challenges in everyday life.

“I wanted to be free from external solution specifications and go my own way unhindered. This freedom is an essential component, which is also reflected in the name: ByteRockers’ Games.”

-Martin Knauf, Founder & CEO

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